Grace Church The Blog is an ongoing collection of thoughts and stories from the church’s leadership and ministry teams. The aim is to inspire, equip and encourage for everyday life.


Life can be both a joy and a mess.  This blog will embrace both as we convene conversation around the issues of our daily and eternal lives.  We are committed to learning how to use this blog and other tools to enhance our ability to connect with and make a difference in our community.  Let’s agree to both correct and forgive each other when we stumble (and we will!) as we share our thoughts and stories in this space.  Our purpose is to advance Jesus-centered culture, and we invite you to join us in this worthy quest.

We (Grace Church) are a people committed to living and teaching the Great Commandment (loving God) and the Great Commission (loving others). We do this by connecting to God, community and mission. Whether you are curious about God or simply looking for a church community to be a part of, there is something for everyone and many ways to connect at Grace.


We gather for worship services on Saturday nights at 6 pm, then Sunday’s at 8:30, 10, and 11:30 am.  We’re located at 1220 Robb Dr., Reno, NV 89523.  You can reach by phone at 775-747-9000.  Check out our website here to find out more.




BLOG USER POLICY – We all have many opinions, thoughts, reactions and understandings regarding life.  This public forum will introduce and enter into discussions on a wide variety of topics.  We put forward the following framework and desire for how the conversation will be had and managed.


  • That users use no anonymous posts
  • That users use their real names
  • That users have a workable email address
  • That users treat one another with civility and respect
  • That users consider the values of grace, truth, love, faith, unity, and generosity when communicating


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