Why is Communion so important?

Why is Communion important?
by Pastor Dan Frank

Why is Communion so important to the life of the believer and to the church as well?  First, let me start with our walk with God.  It is essential in our walk with God to sImagelow down enough to listen to God.  Most of us live lives that are maneuvered at warp speed; fully engaging with God in Communion sets up the opportunity for God to actually speak into our lives. Another observation I would make is that we are a forgetful people.  Communion causes us to remember what Christ has done, but more importantly, it causes us to focus on what is core to our existence: the reality of who Christ is.  Christ is not only our Creator, but He is also our Redeemer.

Secondly, Communion does something very important for the Body of Christ.  Because Communion humbles us so much to see the person and work of Christ, it produces a unity among us that is unsurpassed in any other way.  It shows us our own sin and therefore gives the power to forgive and love others.

Communion is essential to our ability to glorify the God we love! Therefore, it should be set as a high priority!  May we do it until we do it with Jesus in the Kingdom to come.  Look up and meditate on Luke 22 this weekend as you prepare to join us for communion service.


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