Go wash feet.

by Karen Durst

There were so many things that were deeply touching about Saturday’s Love like Jesus picnic.  Like seeing the people who started to line up at 7:00 for lunch and shoes…Meeting them and hearing their stories was surreal.  Also, watching God provide just the right number of lunches just in time so that no one left hungry was so cool. The worship music was great…the smoke in the air surprisingly tolerable.  The baptisms were so special as we saw so many people whose lives have been changed by the saving Grace of Jesus.


Of course the people who got their feet washed and got brand new shoes were a highlight of the day.  Seeing their happiness from their new gift was so fun.  But what moved me more, what moved me most, was seeing what happened as the people of Grace Church rolled up their sleeves and loved…really loved, and served like Jesus.  I saw real joy in them, different deeper joy than they arrived with that morning.  It was a beautiful thing.

Over the next few days, we will share some of their stories on Grace’s Facebook page.  If you can, check back each day.

Oh, and if you are looking for joy—go wash feet.  That’s what you should do.


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